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Unleash the superpower within your business

To hit a target you first need to know where to aim.

Most business owners would love to sell more and spend less on their marketing, but to achieve this requires a highly targeted approach. So we’ve created four unique, intensive, workshops to guide you through a deep analysis of your business, brand and customers to help you more confidently target your highest value prospects and persuade them to buy from you, again and again.

New Venture Brand Strategy


Rebrand and Business Growth Strategy

& Growth

Brand Voice, Brand Persona, Brand Message


Customer Avatar Creation, Client Profiling


New Venture Brand Strategy Workshop

New Venture.


If you are launching a new business, product or service you’ll need to make an impact on your market – to win over investors, partners and customers, and to define who you are and what you stand for so staff and outsourced creatives (graphic designers, web developers, social media consultants, PR, etc.) can clearly understand what’s needed to project your brand skywards.


The insights gained from this workshop provide what's needed to start work on your brand assets, business stories, copy and content – from a persuasive elevator pitch and engaging origin story to the conversion optimised words on your website and in your marketing.

This workshop includes:

  • Brand Core

  • Brand Persona

  • Customer Avatars x2

  • 6-8hrs, split over 2 sessions

Established Business Brand Strategy Workshop

Rebrand / Growth.


If you find yourself losing out to competitors more often than you’d like, if your market share is waning or if you need to prepare your organisation for its next growth phase, you’ll need our Rebrand & Growth Workshop.


Conducted with the decision-makers of a business, it involves the creation or refinement of every major brand strategy element, from your vision, mission and values to the persona you project and the triggers that persuade your customers into action. Insights gained from this are the starting point for the creation of powerful new brand messaging and stories to boost engagement, pitches and sales.

This workshop includes:

  • Brand Core

  • Brand Persona

  • Customer Avatars x3

  • Competitor Analysis + Brand Audit

  • 10-12hrs, split over 4 sessions


Define your brand voice and brand messaging

Brand DNA.


What do you stand for, what are your goals, and what do your customers, staff and suppliers think of you? The foundation of any strong brand is a distinctive, credible and consistent message born from a deeper understanding of what makes you truly different and how this can be leveraged to manage the way others perceive you.


Our Brand DNA Workshop is designed to help you define the things that make your organisation unique, the building blocks at the centre of your brand which can be woven into every word of your promotions, marketing and communications, to make people feel something for your business, its products, services and people.

This workshop includes:

  • Brand Core

  • Brand Persona

  • 4-6hrs, split over 2 sessions


Customer Avatar development

Customer Clarity.

Many businesses rely on a scattergun approach to marketing and waste a small fortune in the process, often with little to show for their efforts. We believe in a smarter, more targeted approach.


Our Customer Clarity Workshop takes a deep dive into the world of your highest value customers to gain an understanding of who they are, how and why they make their decisions, and what might trigger specific responses from them – earned trust, stronger engagement and the start of the buying process – in other words, how to spark them into action. To sell to someone you first must understand them, their language, their lives and their reasons for buying.

This workshop includes:

  • Customer Avatar Creation x2

  • Customer Avatar Creation x4

  • 3-4hrs, covered in 1 or 2 sessions


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