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They'll only buy what you're selling when 
they buy into the story you're telling

The competitive advantage at the heart of your brand.

The ‘holy grail’ of marketing is to help people feel a connection with your brand. Think Apple or Innocent and how the powerful stories they tell have catapulted their businesses forward. That’s why we’ve created eight story frameworks, one for each important touchpoint you may have with your audience. Which will drive the future success of your organisation?

Brand story creation

Brand Story

Writing you elevator pitch
Origin story copywritng
Writing a product story for brand strategy


Product Story

Elevator Pitch

Recruiter brand story


Brand humanisation


Social proof story copywriting

Social Proof

Business stories to engage workforce


How to write a brand story

Brand Story.


This is the creation of the story at the core of your brand. It’s your central theme, your go-to when you’re developing a marketing campaign and the foundation of your elevator pitch. It’s a simple, single theme elevated to an honest, credible tale that’s wholly relatable to your target audience.

Elevator Pitch.


There are times when it’s important to get across everything that makes your business special in a single sentence to help someone see why they should sit up and take notice – think networking, dinner parties or your opener at a client pitch.

How to write a business origin story

Origin Story.


Whether it’s the root story of your business or its founder(s), your origin story can be used to generate credibility, heritage and a human face to your business, connecting you with your audience at a deeper level. It’s often a tale of unlikely beginnings, challenges overcome and enlightenment/evolution.

Product Story.


Products have stories too, and when I talk of products I mean products and services. They have origins, reasons for being, challenges in development and they often need a story to help customers truly understand their benefits and feel a connection with them.

How to humanise your company brand

Recruiter Story.


An organisation’s greatest asset is its best minds and hardest workers, so you need to go all out to attract and retain them. Your recruitment story focuses on the culture and environment of the company, their prospects and the people that make up your business. The best talent will need to be wooed.

Human Story.


Organisations can often seem like remote faceless entities. Our ‘Humanise’ campaign looks to reset this perception by introducing the people within your business through a series of stories – to present the 'human' face of the business and make the company more relatable, more real.

How to create social proof through copywriting

Social Proof.


The stories of those who have interacted with or bought from a business are far more readily believable than those of the organisation itself. We live in a world where social proof has currency, credibility and bypasses some of our cynicism filters. We interview, write and refine the stories that connect your customers to you, your products and services.

Internal Stories.


Not all stories are aimed at external audiences; there will be occasions when you'll need to talk to your own staff – when times have been challenging and they need reassurance, when good news is to be shared or when change is required. If you need to create a vision of the future you wish to achieve, we'll write the stories that will help you to bring everyone on that journey with you. 

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