Scribbles Media Case Study: Yogo Group


Yogo Group

For 15 years Yogo Group has been designing, building and renovating some of the most glamorous and individual homes in London – from the magnificence of an exclusively designed apartment adorned with bespoke furnishings and globally sourced antiques to the transition of empty land into the grandeur of an imposing property surrounded by its own grounds.

Work Completed for

Yogo Group

Website Copywriting

A5 Brochure Writing

Strapline Concepts

Editing and Rewriting

Marketing Literature

Magazine Editorial

Magazine Advert

How It All Started

In the summer of 2013 we received a call from a web development firm we work with on occasion, asking if we could contact one of their clients to help them with content for their new website. Ever since then we have been the Yogo Group's go-to copywriting firm, their outsourced wordsmiths.

As a boutique family-owned and run business, Yogo's management team are a very close group. And, though we have worked with and for a number of their directors, the person we have had most contact with throughout the years has been Andrew Philippou. To see what he has to say about our work and our working relationship, have a look at his testimonial below.

What We Did Together

From our initial phone conversations and face-to-face meetings in their offices in North London, it was immediately apparent that Andrew and his fellow directors would be easy clients to work with. They had a crystal clear vision of what they were looking to achieve with their business and were happy to articulate their expectations so together we could create detailed briefs for each project.

Our first project was a new six-page website, small in size maybe but the spectacular imagery of their luxury developments spoke volumes. 

The purpose of the copy we were asked to write was to sell Yogo Group’s stellar credentials as a builder/developer of luxury homes, the exceptional standards they worked to, the guarantee they provide for every property they build, the price bracket their properties generally fall within, their attitude towards the construction process, and how this dedication extends beyond the sale of the property to Yogo Group's promise to maintain their properties for 12 months after construction, handling all structural and utility issues.

Since this first project we have worked on numerous others for Yogo Group, including:


  • Brochure writing. Using a stunning example of a refurbished West End penthouse as evidence of the quality of their workmanship and the innovation they employ in interior design, we produced the copy for an A5 brochure to promote this side of their business. Working in close collaboration with Yogo Group and their designers we created this copy well within the deadline they had set.

  • Strapline, ads and editorials. Next we were asked to assist in the creative process to come up with a new strapline to capture the essence of their business for their new website, and various adverts and editorials in industry magazines to promote both the business and various completed luxury developments.

  • Launch of interior design business. When they decided to officially expand their services to include all aspects of interior design, they asked us to help them to create their content for this digital presence.

  • Marketing and promotion. And, over the years, they have asked us to developer numerous marketing pieces for them, including content to promote joint venture investments, introductory fees for referred investors, and those with property or land to develop.


We continue to be Yogo Group's content strategists and copywriters, there when they need us to find the right words for any medium and any purpose.

Image of Andrew Philippou, Design Director at Yogo Group


Scribbles Media Client Story and Testimonial

What started with a rewrite of our company's website blossomed into  a varied role creating marketing and advertising copy for us,  promoting   our developments and our business, and each time you have delivered, rising   to the challenge.

Thank you. You have been there for us every time we've   needed you over the    last 4-years.


Andrew Philippou, Design Director

Yogo Group