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For the best part of 20 years, BPG have worked collaboratively with both private and public sector organisations as their independent advisers and management consultants on multi-million pound complex service delivery relationships. These include Business Process Outsourcing, Complex IT Projects, PFI, Shared Services and Social Enterprises.


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How It All Started

In August 2013 we were introduced to Best Practice Group, a management consultancy that focuses a great deal of their marketing effort on engagement with their senior management audience. Their aim, to evidence their expertise through monthly thought leadership content, posted on their site and transmitted to their extensive database of contacts. This is a marketing strategy that we not only endorse, but actively promote as the best way for our clients to earn trust and win business in their sectors.

Over the years we have worked with a number of people within BPG, but always at the helm, the architect of the tone of voice and content strategy for the business is the company's Managing Director, Allan Watton. To see what he has to say about our work and our working relationship, have a look at his testimonial below.

What We Did Together

Our first communication with Allan was over a Skype call on 1st August 2013. We spoke at length about his vision for the business, the precise tone he was looking for, and the initial thought leadership piece he wanted to 'trial' our services with. 

Four-years later and we must be doing something right because every month we still write four to six thought leadership articles for them, each between 1,000 and 3,500 words in length.

Along the way, Allan and his team have asked for our collaboration in areas such as marketing guidance, search engine optimisation (SEO), briefing document structure, image sourcing, and more.

The articles we have written for BPG were on a wide variety of topics, though common themes include Intelligent Client Function (ICF), Shared Services, PFI, contract termination strategies, and supplier relationship optimisation. Many of these thought leadership pieces were 'lessons learned' pieces, some were reviews of news stories about the projects and players in the complex service delivery arena, and others were purely educational pieces.

Though these thought leadership pieces make up the vast majority of the work we have carried out for BPG, there have been other projects we have collaborated on:

  • Website Copywriting. A new page was required for the BPG website to present a new service offering, and as we had, by this time, gained a good understanding of their business and the mindset of their clients we were asked to write the content for this vital page. 

  • White Paper Review and Proofreading. When an extensive white paper on PFI - a collaborative funding strategy between public and private sector organisations - required a review and proofreading, we were only too pleased to oblige.

  • Email Marketing. Every week BPG gives its audience access to the latest thought leadership piece that we have written or edited with Allan and his team. We also write the emails that they use to share this knowledge with their database.

  • Email Portfolio. BPG had a large number of sales funnel emails that required review and proofreading as a one-off project. Despite the volume we quickly refined this content.


Best Practice Group are one of our oldest and most valued clients and, just as we have done each month for the last four years, we continue to gather and develop their briefs and assist in the production of their thought leadership pieces and marketing emails.

Image of Allan Watton, Director of Best Practice Group


Scribbles Media Client Story and Testimonial image for BPG

Richard, you have been creating some excellent work for us. Finding an organisation that we could rely on for consistent quality month after month was of paramount importance to us, and despite the often tight deadlines we've tested you with you have risen to the challenge admirably.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.


Allan Watton, Managing Director