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Atkya is an internationally acclaimed art consultancy specialising in spatial design, and the production, curation and sale of fine art. For 25 years they have worked with some of the world’s finest creative talent, and number blue-chip corporations, governments and royal families among their clients.


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How It All Started

In April 2015 we were asked by one of our web developer partners to speak with a client of theirs, an art consultancy from Kuwait looking to set up a permanent office in London. The company was well known throughout the Middle East for their work with a number of the prominent royal families and they had their sights set on expanding their European client base.

The director in charge of UK and European operations is Matisse Ghaddaf, and over the years we have worked very closely with him to assist in the company's brand awareness, PR and marketing campaigns. To see what he has to say about our work and our working relationship, take a look at his testimonial below.

What We Did Together

Matisse was looking for a content specialist who could capture the essence of their business - whose words could be bold and full of imagery to reflect the personality of a consultancy that had grown to support the artwork needs of an impressive global client base over the last 25 years.

Always ready for a challenge, we got stuck in. Matisse gave us a tight schedule and a limited brief, but through taking the time to research the industry and their competitors, and to ask the right questions at the outset, we found the perfect tone for the consultancy's new website copy.

Working with our web developer partner we created the content structure and website navigation that the site was subsequently designed around, and completed the project in good time for its launch.

Every project we work on comes with a quality guarantee that offers our clients unlimited amendments until they are completely happy with the content we have produced. This places the responsibility for understanding our clients and creating only the best content squarely on our shoulders. It has always seemed the responsible way to approach things. This project was no different, and with just a few minor adaptations the copy was completed and uploaded to the new site.

Since this first project we have worked on numerous others for Atkya, including:


  • Brochure writing. We were asked to write a 16-page brochure that would be the consultancy's primary marketing tool. This beautiful glossy brochure contained stunning images of some of their finest artworks set in studios, homes and other spaces, and our words needed to do their best to keep up with the high bar set by these pieces. Thankfully the client felt they did, and we were very proud of our contribution. 

  • Marketing letters. While the consultancy was well known abroad, here in the UK they had fewer clients so we were asked to draft letters for Atkya to use in their approach to galleries and corporate clients. It required a degree of subtlety due to the high-end nature of the audience, with just the right dusting of promotion to create a kernel of interest to entice the reader to find out more.

  • PR pieces. We put Matisse in touch with our PR partners and since then they have achieved an impressive amount of promotional success for the consultancy, gaining comments, editorials and articles in numerous publications. Each time a new piece is commissioned we work in collaboration with Atkya and their PR firm to create the content that has been requested.

Over the last two years we have gained an excellent insight into the way this consultancy wishes to present itself and, as a result, we continue to be Atkya's marketing strategists and copywriters, available to create content for any channel as and when it is needed.

Image of Matisse Ghaddaf, Director of Atkya Art Consultancy


Scribbles Media Client Story and Testimonial for Atkya Art Consultancy

Richard, your company has had a significant influence on the re-branding  of Atkya Consulting for our European launch.


We'd like to  thank you and your team for delivering some outstanding work for us  on our new website, sales letters and brochure, all of which are  vital parts of our wider marketing strategy.


Matisse Ghaddaf, Director

Atkya Art Consultancy